Voluntary Environmental Goals

B12 Government Solutions has had a long standing commitment to providing a safe and healthful workplace, protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources.

We established voluntary environmental goals to assist us with continuing to meet our commitment. We track our progress towards attaining our voluntary environmental goals and use that information to improve our programs.

Each year, in April, we will post our progress towards meeting our goals on this page.

April 2021 –

1) Three specific areas of energy conservation

Use virtual online meetings for corporate meetings to reduce energy used for transportation – Metric = the number of virtual corporate meetings per month divided by the number of corporate meetings per month.
Voluntary Goal- 50% of monthly meetings virtual

Consolidate material buys and use vendor consolidated delivery service to preclude B12 Government Solutions transportation use of energy.
Voluntary Goal – Less than 4 trips per month to pick up required supplies.

Only light offices currently in use.
Voluntary Goal – Reduce use of lighting energy by 10% during open hours.

2) Greenhouse gas emissions

Scope 1 (Direct emissions generated by B12 Government Solutions) Use virtual online meetings for corporate meetings to reduce energy used for transportation – Metric = number of online meetings that replace face to face meetings per month multiplied by the number of participants in those meetings.
Voluntary Goal – Virtual Meeting Greenhouse Gas metric each month of at least 10

Scope 2 (Indirect emissions that are associated with the generation of electricity that is purchased and consumed by B12 Government Solutions) specify energy star rating for purchased electronics equipment. Metric = number of purchases of electronic equipment with the Energy Star rating divided by the total number of electronic purchases for the month.
Voluntary Goal – 20% of electronics purchased each month have Energy Star Ratings.

Waste management and recycling – Percentage of consumable purchases that are recyclable.
Voluntary Goal – 50% of consumable purchases each month are recyclable.