What is my Organization’s Strategy?

What are the Project Outcomes we look to achieve?

How are we defining and measuring Success?

Having a clear view into all aspects of your projects can help you maintain high levels of quality and deliver complex programs on time and on budget. Collaboratively managing your programs from concept to completion enables purposeful project initiatives. Program management emphasizes the coordinating and prioritizing of resources across projects. Management of the ties between each project’s overall costs and risks affect the program, thus key components of the program. Whether your projects are security, infrastructure or IT related, they all benefit from our Program and Project Managers’ structured disciplined approach.

Delivering complex programs on time and on budget is a major challenge for any organization. Conflicts become unavoidable when projects are occurring simultaneously. Finish dates creep, start dates lag, while scope of one project may bleed into another. Organizations want to know which projects are in trouble at any given time and how to gauge the programs to return to a healthy optimization. This is a complex management effort.

B12 Government Solutions program methodology provides visibility across operational demand, projects, programs and portfolios with each project’s schedule rolling up to the governing program’s overall lifecycle. All successful projects result from the efforts put forth in the due diligence of effective management of scope, risk, quality, issues and schedules. B12 Government Solutions provides design options to create a single repository for data and key performance reports to monitor project health metrics and track expected benefits. From the onset of determining a solution, our Architects evaluate and gather project details to determine the road map for best-practice Program Management solutions.

Finding a balance to reach the best solution is not a simple answer. B12 Government Solutions will determine the components to reach the right solution for your program management office (PMO). Several software products on the market provide solutions to optimize the value your PMO delivers to your business while reducing risk. From large programs to individual projects and tasks across your project portfolio, improvements to your PMO governance approach and method of execution is the continual focus.